(provisional program)

Day 1 – Wednesday, September 22, 2010

09:00 Symposium Opening
09:20 Introductory Remarks — H. Diaz

Session I Establishing the MWP/MCA Epoch as a Distinct Period

- Moderator Henry Diaz

09:30 Was there a Medieval Climate Anomaly, and if so, where and when? — M. Hughes
10:00 On the dating and the geographical extent of the MWP — P. Jones
10:30 Reconciling contradictory proxy records of MCA-LIA NAO variability — V. Trouet
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Can we understand the dynamics of the MCA-LIA transition? — H. Wanner
12:00 Evidence of the Medieval Climate Anomaly in the Mediterranean — E. Xoplaki
12:30 Was the NAO persistently positive during the MCA? — R. D’Arrigo
13:00 Lunch Break
Session I (cont.) Moderator Elena Xoplaki
14:30 Old and new proxies to resolve temperature changes in Medieval time — R. Bradley
15:00 Coral Records of central tropical Pacific temperature & hydrology during the Medieval Climate Anomaly — K. Cobb
15:30 The medieval period within a 2000-yr long proxy temperature reconstruction for the Arctic — D. Kaufman
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 The MWP in Greenland ice core data — Bo Vinther
17:00 Bringing the Canadian Arctic ice melt records up to the surface shows the recent melt exceeds that of any period over the last 2 millennia — D. Fisher
17:30 Refining the timing and magnitude of Medieval warmth in the NW North Atlantic— G. Miller
18:00 Adjourn for the Day

Day 2 – Thursday, September 23, 2010

Session I (cont.) Moderator Malcolm Hughes

09:00 The Medieval climate of Europe: results of the Millennium Project — D. McCarroll
09:30 Evidence from 180 proxy records of widespread N. Hemisphere warmth in the 9th  to 11th centuries — F. C. Ljungqvist
10:00 A robust reconstruction of the April to September temperature in Europe during the Medieval period — J. Guiot
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Paleoclimates of North America within the context of NH-scale climate change of the past 2000 yrs — A. Viau
11:30 New Pollen-based reconstructions of summer temperature in central/eastern North America and implications for differences in MCA-LIA circulation patterns — E. Wahl
12:00 Why medieval climate matters to southwestern North America: sharpening our paleoclimatic focus on the future – J. Overpeck
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 Multiproxy summer surface air temperature reconstructions for southern South America back to AD 900 — J. Luterbacher
14:30 Expression of the Medieval Climate Anomaly in speleothems — D. Fleitmann

Session II Climate Reconstruction Tools and Numerical Modeling 
of the MWP/MCA Climate
Moderator Ray Bradley

15:00 Potential dynamical mechanisms underlying the patter of the MCA — M. Mann
15:30 Evidence for global climate reorganization during medieval times — N. Graham
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Global medieval hydroclimate: What we, do not, and need to know — R. Seager
17:00 Results from ensemble simulations of the last millennium — D. Shindell
17:30 New perspectives on the role of the AMO in MWP drought: Results from proxy data and climate model analyses — R. Oglesby
18:00 Adjourn for the Day

Day 3 – Friday, September 24, 2010

Session II (cont.) – Moderator Henry Díaz

09:00 Reconstructing climate changes over medieval times using climate model simulations with data assimilation — H. Goosse
09:30 Last millennium as represented by a suite of GCM forced simulations and reconstructions — F. González-Rouco
10:00 Northern Hemisphere blocking activity during the last millennium as simulated by the ECHO-G model — D. Barriopedro
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Solar activity during the Medieval Climate Anomaly — R. Trigo
11:30 The last millennium climatic record off Iberia — F. Abrantes
12:00 Paleohydrological signatures of the Medieval Warm Period in the Iberian Peninsula reconstructed from lacustrine records — Ana Moreno
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 The PAGES 2k initiative — L. Newman
14:20 Plenary Discussions—Identification of critical unresolved research issues regarding the spatio-temporal characteristics of the MWP/MCA epoch
15:00 Symposium Closing Remarks

15:05 Symposium Ends